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Hand tracking with custom hand meshes and physics bodies collision

Expert Protege

I'm unable to get collision to happen when using a custom hand mesh in the Oculus XRHand Component. Collisions work fine if I use the built-in default hands. I have added a physics asset to the skeletal meshes and added physics bodies to the bones. I've tried all kinds of configurations for the Collision settings in the XRHand component and the physics settings in the physics bodies (Kinematic, Simulate, Default), but nothing gets it to collide. Is there something I'm missing? I even tried parenting the same hand mesh as an Skeletal Mesh component to the XRHand Component and that one does collide, but not the one assigned to the XRHand Component (see image below, the second right hand is the attached one). Note: I need this to be working in VR Preview mode on Windows 11 Desktop.




Expert Protege

The only workaround I've found is to manually add and position bone parented colliders inside the Pawn BP. Not very efficient and very time consuming so I wonder if the physics bodies in the skeletal mesh can be made to work.