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Help with setup on MacOS Ventura

Level 2

I am new to developing for Meta Quest.


I followed the documentation on how to setup my headset, developer account, downloaded the Oculus 4.27 Unreal Engine source code and built it successfully. Also setup Android SDK and NDK as documentation describes.

I made a new project using the VR template in Unreal and after tweaking SDK versions I am able to create a package that can be installed on the headset.


When I launch the app I get the three white dots for a while and then the screen goes black and nothing happens.

I tried looking into the device logs but I can not find what is the issue.


Any guidance on trouble shooting would be appreciated.

Where to look for errors. How to debug the app from XCode etc.

I am not New to Unreal Engine but new to Quest and Android development.


I also tried using UE5 with a project based on the VR template but I have the same issue.