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How can I normalize the height of players?

Honored Guest

I'm trying to provide a consistent experience and I don't see how that can be possible if you have players who are 4'10 ft tall, while others are 6'6 ft tall.


Surely there's a way to normalize player height in UE 4.27?



You can use the "Set tracking origin" node and change it to eye level. This way your pawn will not auto calculate the height of the player. 
Consider that when fixing the height of the pawn, the player, if he is very tall, could feel that the ground is at the height of his knees, and it may feel weird

If I set it to eye level, where should I set the VR Scene Component to in the Pawn BP? Where I'd like it to be? Will this work for players that use other headsets like the Rift S? Height seems to be completely inconsistent with all the players I've tested, despite some of us being the same height.