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How did I mess up my VR Preview? What am I missing?

Expert Protege
What are people's development environment like?  I'm using oculus-5.3 branch with Quest 3, with Vulkan preview enabled.  Meta Quest Link app is at version, and Quest 3 is at Version and runtime version and OS version SQ3A.220605.009.A1.  And I have a ton if issues now causing my inner dev loop bloat and I can't seem to find anyone else having these problems, so surely everyone else must have an environment that isn't broken.  
I had none of the following issues in December, and the only thing that has changed about my environment is the Meta Quest Link app updates and Quest 3 updates which are outside of my control.
Here are my issues with VR Preview (PIE):
If I have the headset on before I initiate the VR Preview, I get an access violation and crash.
If I have the headset off before I initiate the VR Preview, more often than not, my game is not following the controllers, while the Oculus Home PC environment (accessible via the right controller's meta button) shows that the controllers are being tracked just fine.  The VR Preview will take anywhere from 5 seconds to nearly a minute for it to start tracking it.
Starting just a few days ago, if I reset my position using the Link App like I normally have to do every single time I put the headset on, the floor position in my game is now nearly waist high.  If I switch to Link App again, it shows the floor at the correct spot.  
Testing in VR Preview has gotten so bad, that unless I need to debug something, it is actually faster to package a build, deploy it to the headset, and test it directly on the hardware.  
Somehow I am the only one with this problem.  So what am I doing wrong?