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How to take screenshots in VR using blueprint with passthrough

Honored Guest

I need to take screenshots of what players see in the app with passthrough. How can I do this?


I have added a SceneCaptureComponent2D in vr pawn and writing it to a render target and then exporting to .hdr but I can see unreal engine components but the passthrough is black. I need to take screenshot of what player is seeing with passthrough and convert it to base64. How can i do this in blueprint. 

Exporting a renderTarget as a PNG? - Development / Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums (unre...

I changed the setting as per this and packaged the project to quest 3 and when I try to run, it crashes and doesn’t launch but if I keep the render target and scene cap setting default, it is working but png is not exporting properly

I don’t wanna access camera. Can i Take screenshot of what player is seeing in the head mount display in anyway? My app uses passthrough and everything is working fine.




I might be wrong here, but AFAIK, the camera in Oculus is never exposed to software running on the headset due to privacy reasons.