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How to use Bluetooth (HC-06/08) to transfer data between Arduino and UE5 VR Game on Quest 2

Honored Guest

Hello, everyone.

I need some help with sending data from my Quest 2 to an Arduino board that has a Bluetooth module (HC-06 or HC-08) attached to it.

I have managed to use the UE4DUINO plugin to link Arduino with UE5.1.1 on my PC, but when I build and deploy the VR Game to the headset, I have to specify the port for the headset (COM X) first. How can I find out the port of the VR headset?

Also, when I tried to run the VR Game with the UE4DUINO blueprint that scanned some of the potential port numbers (from 1 to 12), the VR Game failed to launch.

Is it because the UE4DUINO plugin only works for the Windows port? Are there any other plugins, blueprints or Android APIs that I can use in the VR Game to communicate with the Bluetooth modules? Please help me out.