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Issues with Using Stereo Layer on Oculus Quest 2: supports depth = true and no alpha channel = false

Honored Guest
I am developing an application for the Oculus Quest 2 using Unreal Engine, and I have encountered a problem when trying to configure the Stereo Layer with supports depth set to true and no alpha channel set to false.
With these settings, the widgets display with a black color instead of transparency. Everything works correctly in the emulation mode on PC, but on the Oculus Quest 2 (Android) device, transparency does not display properly when depth support is enabled.
What I Have Tried:
* Enabling and disabling various combinations of settings for supports depth and no alpha channel.
* Configuring the widget material:
  * Blend Mode = Translucent
  * Separate Translucency = true
* Updating to the latest version of Unreal Engine and Oculus SDK.
* Using masks instead of alpha transparency.
* Checking all standard rendering and post-processing settings in the project.
Engine: UnrealEngine-oculus-4.27.2-release-1.89.0-v62.0
Is it possible to use supports depth = true and no alpha channel = false for stereo layers on Oculus Quest 2? If so, what additional settings or steps are necessary to properly display transparency?
I would appreciate any help or recommendations on how to resolve this issue.
Thank you!