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Motion Controller occluded when in close proximity to player character...

Level 3

I posted a link below of my issue. It's driving me nuts!!!! lol The motion controllers location and tracking are fine. But once I bring the controller close to me it disappears. Hand tracking works fine too. I can access the menus when doing the proper pinches... But since they are close to the player character they can't be seen.


You can see in the video. I am moving the controller with my foot so I can actually see it in game. You'll see as I move the controller closer to me it begins to clip with something... There is nothing for it to clip with though.....


Someone please help!


Level 3

Also, i tried migrating the VRPawn from the VR Template into my project and it behaves the same way....



Level 3

Well it has to do with some kind of setting... I migrated my whole project to the VRTemplate without settings exported and the motion controllers work fine! BUT once I import my settings they bug out... Atleast I have my lead... Any idea what type of setting would cause this issue?

Level 7

Try adjusting the Near Clip Plane in Project Settings > Engine > General Settings > Settings > Near Clip Plane.