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No Oculus Hand Support in 4.27 Oculus branch?

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As title suggests, opening my project (which focuses on hand tracking) in 4.27 causes issues with the hands.  At first the hands wouldn't even appear until I switched back to Legacy OVR under the XR API in project settings, but then, after I package an APK and load it onto the Quest, it crashes on launch with a Fatal Signal 11 error and not much more detail given.


I've tested this with more than one projects that uses the Oculus Hand component in both the binary version of 4.27 and the Oculus branch and the results seem the same.  In the binary version, if I enable the Oculus OpenXR plugin and restart the editor, it states it failed to load the OculusHandComponent.


  Is there a way to get this working or is it possible it can be fixed at least in the OculusVR github branch soon?  


Much appreciated!


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Hey did you find a solution to this? I'm having the exact same problem. 


I am using the oculus branch and did not have any issue at all with the hand tracking with the OpenXr API
Did you put a hand component inside each controller ov the template? Set it properly to each hand? Enabled Hand tracking in the project settings? Did you packaged to APK ASTC ?