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Occlusion modes

Level 2



We are building a game for the Quest2 and are experiencing significant frame drops at view angles which have a lot of meshes behind a wall.


It seems like the dynamic occlusion is taking up a significant amount of time. Our frame times are dropping from 90 to 40 by just looking in the direction of many meshes.


We have tried all available occlusion methods including:


- Precomputed Visibility Volumes (Baked and could be seen in editor, but no effect at runtime)

- Dynamic Hardware Occlusion (On by default, still taking up a lot of time when view angle it looking towards wall)

- Dynamic Software Occlusion (Disabled HW occlusion and used this, but perf was still low as BSP does not contribute to software occlusion)


Are there any tips on how to set this up? and if so, Has anyone had any luck with getting Precomputed Viz volumes to work on their project?