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Oculus Developer Hub Feature Request: MacOS Oculus VR Plugin Support for Unreal Engine

Hello all,

As I have been developing for the Oculus Quest on MacOS with Unreal Engine, I have been unable to access the Oculus VR Plugin settings in Unreal Engine because accessing these settings requires having installed the Oculus Desktop App which only supports Windows. These settings are crucial to access for Oculus Quest development and packaging.

Recently the Oculus Developer Hub was announced, which runs on both MacOS and Windows. I would like to request that the Oculus code which allows for the use of the Oculus VR Plugin in Unreal Engine be integrated into the Oculus Developer Hub, so MacOS users can access the Oculus VR Plugin settings in Unreal Engine without needing to use Windows.

I understand that MacOS is not a supported platform for Oculus Link at the moment, so it does not make sense to port the whole Oculus Desktop App over to MacOS as this application contains all the needed support for PC VR titles. But, is there any way that the code within the app which allows for Oculus VR Plugin settings be ported to the Oculus Developer Hub app to allow for full cross-platform Unreal development with Oculus Quest?

Thank you! This feature would greatly speed up my development workflow as I am currently jumping back and forth between MacOS and a virtual Windows machine.

To see my previous posts about this issue on both this forum and the Unreal Engine forum, search for the following text (annoyingly, my account does not have permission to post links to this forum): 
"Oculus VR Plugin Missing in Project Settings Menu - Intended Quest Development"

We are in the same boat. I am developing using a mac but having to bootcamp windows. Also now that Virtual Desktop is available for macos this would be very helpful to have without building. Please make a build of the OCULUS MAC DESKTOP.

Honored Guest

This is insane.  I'm just discovering this today.  Literally stopping my development dead in the water since I can't follow along with any tutorials as they all utilize the oculus vr plugin in the project settings.  What the **bleep** guys.