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Oculus Link for VR Preview - (#feature-request)

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Hi there,

I'm trying to build a game on my mac, but having to build the entire game (sometimes takes hours) everytime I need to test is extremely impractical. 

I've scoured the internet and tried loads of different setups, but can't, for the life of me, get the VR Preview button to be visible and thus usable.

I can get it working on bootcamp, but then I'm in Windows and it's painful. All my asset creation software is OSX based, so going back and forth between OS's is also not practical.

It's become apparent is that I need the Oculus Link to be enabled before starting UE and currently that's only available through the PC-only Oculus App.

So can we either;

1. Get an Oculus app/link for mac
2. failing that... (as don't need the whole app) a small tool to enable this functionality (or add it to the developer app)
3. Point me in the direction of a setup that un-greys this VR Button!

Thanks in advance to any help, official or otherwise!

Thanks! 🙂



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Sorry you are having issues 😞


I can totally relate to your woes using Unreal on mac.  The unfortunate reality is that using Unreal on mac is significantly more frustrating.  If at all possible, using Unreal in bootcamp is probably your best choice.


Build times, editor stability, editor speed, feature support, etc are all so, so much better on Windows


Either way, good luck with whatever path you choose

Thanks for your prompt reply Bob,

I have an external GPU. So a lot of those gripes can theoretically be overcome, right?

I basically just need a way to connect my Quest to OXS and have Unreal recognise it.
I could, perhaps, even write the tool with some example code from other applications. ie - The OSX versions of Sidequest/VD?

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It is definitely possible, not sure how much work - be sure to submit a pr to the engine if you do.


Another alternative is to just package an apk and deploy that.

Packaging is about the same speed as launch to device if you only include the same map.