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Oculus Quest Quickstart guide has incorrect information

Level 2
Guide here: https ://
(I'm not allowed to post links yet)

Under the section Configure the Project for Oculus Development, Step 9. says Open Advanced APKPackaging and click the + next to Package for Oculus Mobile Devices. From the drop-down select Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2.

However Oculus Quest 2 is not an option here. 
I have followed the previous steps and had no problems so far. 
I believe the issue stems from me using the official Unreal Engine build from the Epic Games Launcher.
Currently it's version 4.25.4-14469661+++UE4+Release-4.25

Earlier in the guide, it's mentioned that this should be fine and that the Oculus builds on github are only needed by those looking for the newest features/fixes.
Considering the Quest 2 is now in the wild, I would expect it's support to be in official builds too. This will probably be fixed soon but it's worth noting for newbies like myself. It looks like somebody just went through the original guide and did a reach replace without really following the steps themselves. 
s/Quest/Quest + Quest 2/g

For now I will try downloading 4.26.0 preview 5 from Epic to see if that fixes it.

If that doesn't work I'll be attempting to build the Oculus version from source.

I will update this when I learn more.


Level 2
I decided to try compiling the Oculus version from github and it does have the missing option for Quest 2.
Hopefully it'll be stable enough for a bleeding edge build to get some basic test games working.

Please update the documentation until the official builds from epic have the new features. I did not try the preview build from Epic yet but I may since running UE via Visual Studio is a bit weird.

Level 3
I agree that this is a thing that needs to happen.

Level 2
You need to report bug here 
A lot of bug in forum here didn't get any fix.

By the way, Their bug reporter's tag searching is bug.