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Oculus Unreal Integration - v1.40 (08/29/19)

Retired Support

Version 1.40 of our integration for Unreal Engine 4.22 has been released!

For more information, see our Unreal Engine Developer Guide.

Note: You must log into a subscribed GitHub account first, otherwise you will get a 404 error from the link below.

You can grab the latest version of the Oculus UE4 Source here: 
More information about this release can be found here.

Integration Changes

  • Updated the Oculus Unreal Integration to 1.40.

Bug Fixes

  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and performance improvements.

Known Issues

  • A significant drop in frame rate occurs when UE4 is not in focus in VR preview mode. To avoid this issue, uncheck the Use Less CPU when in Background in Edit > Editor Preferences > General (left sidebar) > Miscellaneous (left sidebar) > Performance.
  • Exclusive Mode issues: Setting the mirror window to full-screen exclusive mode will not work correctly if the monitor and HMD are connected to different GPUs.
The thread for the previous version (v1.39) can be found here:

Level 8

Hmm.. I am not seeing 4.22.3 + 1.40 release on Oculus Github 😞

Also, when is 4.23 + 1.40 release coming up?


Level 5
When is Oculus going to resync the Unreal 4.23 branch?  It's days behind the actual release.

Level 2
After switched to vulkan we saw a huge performance improvement over es3.1, but the weird rendering artifact appears.

As shown in the above image, there are purple dots shown on screen and we don't know what's causing it. Also, when building our game in development mode with vulkan enabled, the game will crash at launch. We are using the latest Unreal 4.22.3 pulled from oculus' repo(commit 73f652a56eeb7311db5377b9c4addeb8d16142cb). Please help. 

Level 8
I suspect something is off with vanilla 4.23 release - neither Epic is rushing to release 4.23.1 hotfix nor Oculus is rushing to release 4.23 integration. Maybe some deep bug that requires fixing on Epic's part ?

Or maybe with all these new cool features they are working on 1.42 integrations and 4.23 will come out with it instead of 1.40 ?

Level 7
@motorsep I guess all Oculus staff have been busy doing stuff for OC6. I really hope an updated version (1.40) for 4.23 comes very soon. Great to hear in a talk at OC6 on how good Vulkan performs but would be nice if we could use it as well in UE 4.23.
Anyone tried making a build on the Oculus 4.23 branch on github or doesn't it work until they say so? Edit: tested it and it results in 4.22.3 with OC 1.40 integration

Level 8
So, last commit into 4.23 Oculus branch was in August. We are heading into middle of October. It would be nice to have more transparency 😕 Are there some major issues with 4.23 that preventing Oculus from merging latest integration ? 
I know 4.23 has a few VR related bugs (and 4.23.1 isn't even in works, judging by the state of Epic's bug tracker for 4.23.1) and some binary plugins compatibility issues, but is it really a factor ?

Not applicable
I'm using Epic's 4.23 binary at the moment as I have a performance issue in 4.22 that has been fixed with it. Would love to use the latest OculusVR sdk with 4.23 however so really hoping we can get an update soon, as the current 4.23 Oculus branch is on an older 4.23 preview which still has a few unfixed bugs effecting Go and Quest development!

Level 7
+1 Would love to use the latest OculusVR additions and Vulkan in all projects.
At the moment using projects in 3 different versions; some in binary 4.22 and 4.23 and a few in OCbranch 4.22. Would really like to go with all to 4.23 OC branch. Crossing fingers...

Level 8
Our prayers have been answered 🙂 I see 4.23.0 + 1.41 just popped up on the github

Not to mention Audio SDK is 1.41 too ! And Platform SDK is 1.40 :blush:

Thanks Oculus UE4 team!!!!