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Passthrough Shadows Discussion


I'm currently looking into the best way to implement shadows for virtual characters. I've seen a few ways that look promising with just drop shadow cards. But what if I want true dynamic shadows? How do I get them to cast with no floor mesh since I want Passthrough? Or even dynamic soft shadows? I came across this for dynamic soft shadows based off the collision which looks pretty good. But how would I implement that with Passthrough?

Here is a sneak peak at the current project. The characters still don't feel grounded yet without shadows. Just trying to find the best and most realistic way.


Please share your thoughts an how you think the best way to implement a shadow for so many characters should work in Passthrough!


Heroic Explorer

Maybe fake something. Put a circular plane underneath the mesh with a opacity gradient towards the borders to soft the edges.

I also found this tutorial of another idea  but didnt test it. Maybe this can help you.


I'm currently just using virtual bones that drive the position of planes with a drop shadow texture. It works for now