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Please create more Oculus SDK Blueprints

Level 4
Please work with Unreal and implement more Oculus SDK features as Blueprints for Unreal.
Things like VoIP, Oculus Avatar integration, inviting friends to sessions/joining friend sessions, and other SDK/OSS features.
This would really kickstart a lot of development teams in creating multiplayer VR games using Oculus Sub Systems and SDK features.
If there is any news on this topic an Oculus Dev can share or any ETA for new BPs etc. I'd love to hear it:)

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Here's hoping they also expose the upcoming hand gesture controls to blueprints as well:

The same way Magic Leap has all gestures available via blueprints.

Level 8
I wouldn't keep your hopes up - even basic stuff from Platform SDK hasn't been exposed to BPs and you want latest and greatest to be in BP.. As for VoIP, UE4 doesn't even have mic input support on Android.

Level 7
Here's hoping they also expose the upcoming hand gesture controls to blueprints as well:
Bummer - In the article you linked it states; UE integration in first half of 2020. That could mean 6 months if we're unlucky. Unity devs get the api next week so happy for them but would be nice if UE would keep up more with the new Oculus tech.

Level 4
It is indeed really frustrating that UE integrations keep lacking behind the Unity integrations and support. Not to mention general documentation, sample projects etc. 
I still remember a while ago, when there was a bug with the OSS matchmaking blueprints and it took quite a while to get that figured out and fixed. Really hope that will change in the future!

Yes, please add more support for the UE blueprints @MetaQuestSupport . Most of them barely work in the OculusPlatformSample project included in the SDK, require some cleanup to finish compiling, and many nodes don't connect instantly to the OSS via PIE (it just just nothing then crashes when the PIE window is closed). Steam has their act together and even has crowd-sourced plugins like AdvancedSessions which streamline the process. Perhaps you should create a tournament with prize winnings for such an Oculus-version of a network session plugin?