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Problems with using WebBrowser plugin for Unreal Engine 4

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I want to have web browser in game. Web browser widget works fine in the editor (using Oculus Link), but after launching it to Oculus Quest 2 web browser widget shows only black screen that i can't interact with. After 2 days of searching i have 2 possible reasons:


1. This is a plugin problem. But I think it's strange, because UE doc says that web browser plugin supports Android devices.


2. I found some information in "Oculus for developers/Develop/Oculus Developer Policies/App Policies" "Apps That Facilitate the Installation of Other Apps". Based on this information I decided that Quest 2 device forbids getting data for web browser widget. That's why it cant draw a page and always shows black screen. (Maybe I misunderstood the meaning of this section, but the main idea is the same).


So, my question is what is wrong with web browser plugin. If there is no problems with device and development rules, then can I do something to make it work. If I cant, then is there another Unreal Engine 4 plugin that allows to create  web browser integrated into game.



Bump! I'm also facing this problem....


BUMP! I'd also like to know this as I'd like to be able to link to videos on the web for things like tutorials, dev logs, and to show new projects being worked on.


Any solution? In my case not only does it show a black screen, it just crashed when I look at it.

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Hello, I have the same issue 😕

Someone find any solution? 


What version of Unreal Engine are you using? I'm having render target/Scene capture issues in 4.27 that I believe are also causing the issue you all are having with the browser plugin on Android.


After digging around and testing more, it seems like this is a known bug and apparently epic needs to fix something to get it to work.

Hello, im using UE 4.23 

Thanks for the answer, do you know some trick to get browser in quest 2 application? 

Like a plugin or something?  

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Same issue here -- anybody had success with launching a URL from a UE4 app into the Quest's built in browser?