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Quest 1 vs Quest 2 Performance Profiling (Better perf in Quest 1 then Quest 2)

Level 2


Hello All, i was getting some weird results on Quest 1 and Quest 2 while doing performance profiling (UE4.26.2).
Quest 1 is giving better performance than Quest 2!. on the same application build and settings. When i look at a trace in Android Monitor the surface resolution on Quest 1 shows up as 2432x1344 compared to 1440x1584 on Quest 2. Any directions on what could be causing this? If I understand correctly Quest 1 does not have hardware multi-view vs quest 2 which has hardware Multiviewcould this be causing this?
The binning phase seems more or less same on both devices however the rendering of tiles seems to be twice as expensive.

Level 2

Turning off of Multi-View for Quest 2 gave a surface resolution of 2880x1584, still it is not clear why the performance is lower on Quest 2 for same dataset.

Level 5

That is puzzling.  Quest 1 rendering more pixels and doing it faster than Quest 2?  


My initial thought when I hear "Renders faster on Quest 1 than Quest 2" was: "hmm, maybe very expensive pixel shader and somehow Quest 1 eeks out a win simply because of fewer pixels.", but if Quest 1 is rendering more pixels...


Could it be the case that Quest 1 is doing software multi-view (is that a thing? not sure.)  

Are you using a feature that Quest 1 hardware can't do that the Quest 2 hardware can?  Like some sort of decal or reflection or something?  

@different feature no. However i get a resolution of 2880x1584 on Quest 2 with MultiView off, which performs slower thatn Quest 1.


I am not sure why Multi-View off gives a higher resolution. Should it not be the other way round, with Multiview On we should get a higher resolution as both left and right frames are rendered in one go, vs with Off where Left and Right should render sequentially.