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Quest 3 - Unreal 5.3.2 - Passthrough is Black


I'm testing MR app developpment with Unreal 5.3.2 on Quest 3.

After setting up the passthrough (following different tutorials on youtube), packaging the apk and installing it on the quest 3 via sidequest, I'm confronted with one of the 2 following problems : 

- I deactivate openXR and use Oculus + OVR option as XR API option in the MetaXR plugin but then the app crashes  when launched on the quest 3

- or I activate openXR and select Epic Native OpenXr option as XR API option in MetaXR plugin, then the app works fine except for the passthrough content which is fully black instead.

I've read that using Meta Unreal Fork could solve the problem, except for the fact that this fork seems to have disappeard from github. 

Is there a solution to use passthrough with metaXR plugin in Unreal ? 



Heroic Explorer

try importing the rendering settings from this file I uploaded. I think it is a few settings in the rendering tab that you need to adjust but i'm not sure which one now.
and of course, enable passthrough on the Meta plugin, set the passthrough to underlay and delete sky sphere or any mesh so you have an transparent background.

Hi Dario, 

Thanks a lot for your help.

I've uploaded your ini file in Project settings - import.

I've seen the "import settings succeeded message"

After packaging the file, and installing it to the quest 3 via sidequest, result is the same. the app runs but what is supposed to be passthrough is black.

I've tested it with 2 different projects and I confirm that in both project : 

-passthrough is enabled in the Meta plugin

-I have no skysphere or mesh in the way 


- passthrough is set to underlay in VRPawn


Any other idea, why this is not working ?

Thanks again, bye

i dont want to picky, but you went on the rendering tab instead of the project tab? IMport the settings on the rendering tab
Would you mind some print screens of the rendering tab?
I dont know if it is the same problem but I once face a similar issue of black passthrough and was just a matter of changing something in the render tab (full precision, disabling HDR, and so on)

Ah.. saw the images, you dont need this node (add oculus XR passthrough), this is for adding at runtime if needed. Click the component "passthrough" on the VR pawn and see its settings (underlay and type>reconstructed)

check if the the pawn that it starts is the same VR pawn you are using and not another one

Also, put the passthrough component at the root of the vr pawn (dont make it the root (i dont even if it can), just put in the root). it looks its on the camera component


I've imported the ini file inside the rendering tab, (import succeeded) 

packaged the app and tested it on the quest. same problem (passthrough is black)

here are the rendering tab screen capture : 






I've deleted the node and the passthrough component is no longer under the camera : 


Unfortunately this did not solve the problem.

Thanks again for you time and precious help.

if you can send the project i can take a look (I use Epic version 5.3.2 with MetaXR v64).
I remember, try taking a look at the Color Space in the Meta XR plugin. If its "Meta quest" try changing to "p3" or something similar


The color space is on p3. I tried with quest1 but it did not help.

here is the project, but it's simply the VR template with a test level for passthrough.

the packaged apk is in the QUEST3 folder

Thanks again for your help


Installing the unreal meta fork from github allowed me to use XR API option "OCULUS OVRplugin + OpenXR" but this time without the apk crashing on the quest 3, and now the passthrough works.