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Quest Build issues on 5.3.2 and an FPS limit of 72


Hello everyone!
I’m reaching out as I’m at my wits end.
The short version is that my app has a hard FPS limit of 72, and so far I’ve been unable to change this.

Here’s the long version.
I’ve updated to 5.3.2, have the newest v62 Meta XR and Meta platform Plugins.
I’ve set it all up with the help of this guide:

But packaging was only successful after applying this fix: – 15 Jul 23

Now the app packages and runs on quest, but this is where my issue comes into play.
The main reason for migrating my project to 5.3.2 was to access the get and set Display Frequency functions.
These however, do not seem to work.
I’ve been at it for a long time, but my app, once packaged, has the limit of 72 FPS.
It would doubtlessly run higher, but it is capped. Before I resubmit it was requested to increase it to 80, but my every attempt has failed.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


The log produced the following error message:
Warning: Attempted to access index 2 from array CallFunc_GetAvailableDisplayFrequencies_ReturnValue of length 0!
If I try changing Display Frequency without get, I get this error message:
LogOvrPlatform: Warning: Unhandled request id: 4 type: #00436f345d
So it seems the Get and set display frequency functions have some issues.


Im not sure If this will help you but I have also noticed my FPS capping at 72 but for the Vr preview. Changing the Hz on Oculus Airlink to 120 Improved the fps to More than 100. 


Thanks for the reply!
The problem is with packaged builds and while I've been able to narrow down the cause, there is no solution yet.
Functions called from the MetaXR plugin to change frame rate do not go through as UE cannot find the XRHMD module. It is installed properly so not sure why.