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Quest2- Key Binding Issues 4.27.1 -Binding X Key breaks all input & binding menu(L) triggers from Y

Honored Guest

Hello, currently in the UE4.27.1 VR template project using the Oculus OpenXR plugin


And then creating bindings in Project Settings -> Bindings -> Action Mappings the 2 bindings I am trying to use does not work properly.


If I have the keybinding LX all input breaks and I can no longer move or do anything.

If I remove that keybinding LM(Oculus Touch (L) Menu) gets triggered when i press either the menu button or the Y button.

Has anyone else ran in to this issue? 




Honored Guest

I was about to report the exact same issue. If I set Oculus Touch (L) X Press on any input mapping every other inputs breaks: so I'm unable to receive any inputs.


I checked the device log, but there is anything obvious there. I would like to debug the issue, but I'm unable to find the source code. Is the Unreal oculus openXR plugin soruce code available?


This is really bad because it's preventing me to develop the game.


You an use Touch instead of press for now. Only workaround I've found. 

Honored Guest

We are also encountering the same issue currently, binding OculusTouch_Left_X_Click breaks the input.

to replicate:
  • open the default UE4 OpenXR project from the UE4 launcher
  • Add any input binding with 'OculusTouch_Left_X_Click' as a mapped button
  • Build & Launch on quest -> no input will be registered