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Replication thread issue Disable sleep or keep game running ?

Expert Protege

If a host headset using p2p takes the headset off and it goes to sleep clients can no longer play the game.

Thank you


Expert Protege

If someone is hosting a game needs to take off the headset and it goes to sleep it ruins the experience for everyone else connected to that host player. Sure they could answer the door or attend to a child in the next room trying to balance a headset on their forehead but that is insane to ask of people in my humble opinion.

there is a very simple function called run in background its a simple blueprint node you can call in your apps on android but for some reason oculus seems to have effectively blocked its functionality.

We just need the game thread/replication thread to keep running in unreal engine for our game.
The render thread can go inactive to save power that's fine.

There is custom engines that do not have this problem its a oculus plugin code issue in the engine and os.