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Setting OpenXRHMD a higher priority for hand tracking breaks MetaXR funcationality

Honored Guest

In Oculus-Unreal 5.2.1-v56  you have the option of using the OculusXRHand component, but this is not compatible with the standard MannyXR Skeleton, even after remapping:



You can however look at using OpenXR Hand EXT which, in combination with, gives you the ability to use OpenXR hand/finger tracking. It however requires HMDPluginPriority to be set with OpenXRHMD being higher than OculusHMD.

If you do set OpenXRHMD higher in priority, you get some awesome finger tracking for free, right away.

However you then cannot use any of the OculusHMD runtime features, the MetaXR plugin fails to run, and you cannot do things like creating Spatial Anchors.

Of course, the easiest thing is to make OculusHMD have a higher priority, allowing Spatial Anchors. However, this means any OpenXR features are suddenly overwritten, namely the hand fingertracking. Curiously you still get the wrist of the hand, but not the fingers themselves.

The other big downside, VRE using OpenXR allows you to record gestures, to recognize and recognize them. OculusXRHand component has no such features.

Has anyone found a way to reconcile the two issues?