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Shadows on 4.27

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I cannot seem to get CSM shadows working at all.


I have tried a stationary directional light with modulated shadeows.


I have tried a movable directional light.


Has anyone had any luck getting shadows on 4.27?  


Much Thanks for any tips/advice




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I was able to finally get working, albeit quality is pretty bad.  


Directional light set to Movable.

Cast Shadows to true

Dynamic Shadow Distance really small - like 2000

Make sure to build lighting before deploying.  (This will require compiling UnrealLightmass)


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Some more notes:


CSM with Stationary Directional light looks same.


Modular shadows with Stationary Light look awesome, but are horribly broken as camera moves.



Has anybody gotten modulated shadows to work?

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And the adventure continues...  (the following times are for a simple scene with a few meshes and the epic mannequin)

Modular shadows with Stationary Light work with Mobile HDR and look great...  but horrible framerate(14fps).

CSM shadows with Stationary Light and Mobile HDR have better frame rate (40FPS), but still look CSM poor.

Static Directional Light NO SHADOWS WITH Mobile HDR (56 fps)

Static Directional Light NO SHADOWS NO Mobile HDR (72 fps)

Stationary Directional Light CSM SHADOWS NO Mobile HDR (72 fps)


The moral of the story so far is Mobile HDR pretty much tanks the framerate.

CSM shadows look poor but probably better than nothing.





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The above timings are with OpenGL - the following have Vulkan enabled (Support Vulkan checkbox)

(Stationary Directional light with CSM)


Vulkan, Multiview Disabled , Instanced Stereo Disable : left eye busted flickering
Vulkan, Multiview Enabled , Instanced Stereo Disable : 72 FPS
Vulkan, Multiview Enabled , Instanced Stereo Enable : 72 fps
Vulkan, Multiview Disbled , Instanced Stereo Enable, Mobile HDR Enabled : Right eye busted
Vulkan, Multiview Disbled , Instanced Stereo Disabled, Mobile HDR Enabled : ight eye busted




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I've been in 4.20 for a while doing mobile ue4, CSM results are not great (lots of noise), I was really hoping it would have been improved by now.


I've also started doing test builds for ue5 and can't get shadows to even show up on mobile, I'll do some more digging (I really was hoping not to have to branch the engine again, /sigh).


Hi Anonymous,
I know this is old, but I've spent days now trying to figure this out, so I'll ask anyways.
Did I get that right, you were able to get shadows from dynamic objects using a stationary light without enabling MobileHDR? Would you be so kind to post your settings, both the relevant project setttings (like, "MobileHDR", "Instance Stereo" and anything else you had to change, and also the Directional Light details?

I'm slowly going crazy here, why is this *so* hard to do in Unreal? I mean, I'm happy that they have so much possibilities to fiddle around with, but why dont they have some common presets like "gimme shadows on mobile devices"?

Anybody got shadows for Quest 3 working on Unreal Engine 5+?