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SharedSpaces project not compiling (unreal 5.1)

Honored Guest

Hi Everyone,


I followed this lovely guide by @ysquall to setup the shared spaces plugins in my project

However when I build my project I get this error

"Could not find definition for module 'Photon', (referenced via Target -> PhotonNetDriver.Build.cs)"

Thank you in advance!




Heroic Explorer

if you build the original project SharedSpaces, do you get the error?

Hey thank you for the reply!

Yup I can build the original project. But the moment I take it into another project (new or existing) it gives me that error.


Heroic Explorer

did you try anything from the github source?


The NetDriver plugin and Photon Realtime module can easily be transferred to another UE4 project in a few easy steps.

  • Copy the SharedSpaces/Plugins/PhotonNetDriver folder to <Project>/Plugins/
  • Make sure the plugin is enabled in UE4 Settings > Plugins.

    there are more infos on the site... see it if helps

you need to click the MD file on the link I posted... i will open a documentation that can help you