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Sky only appears in peripherals (4.27 - Quest 2)

Honored Guest

Hey all,


Every time I open my game in Oculus Quest 2 the sky will disappear in the center of my view no matter where I move my head.  It's only visible on the edges of the screen.   I thought it was my BP Sky sphere so I just built a sphere with an emissive star material, set it to double sided and scaled it up to 150 to act like a sky sphere.  It looks fine in the editor and VR preview, but keeps showing nothing in the middle and stars on the side when I run it native on the Quest 2.  I've set it to never cull, and if I make the sphere smaller (scale it to 50 instead) it will work, (but looks terrible because it's so close) so it appears this is a distance related issue.  Any ideas?  Thanks.vlcsnap-2022-01-07-22h45m35s872.png from the middle of my view.  It shows up in my