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[Solved]FBX collisions

Level 2
Solved my own problem. Followed the tutorial and never did get collisions. Then i realized i dont need to export collisions. I can create them in UDK.

Not sure if this should be in this forum or not. Apology in advance....
I am exporting a FBX from Blender 2.68 of a simple mesh. I have created a ucx_ for the mesh and im able to import the fbx into UDK but i get a message stating that there is no collision. Of course then my mesh can be brought into a level but im able to walk right through it.
im following this tutorial..... to create my mesh but at the end using the built in FBX export in Blender. Also i am not making the same mesh he is making but one of my own.

Thanks for any help in advance.