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Thumbstick Movement in VR

Level 2


This is my first post.  I've implemented a simple BP for thumb stick movement and camera rotation.  However, when I "Close" my fist, or pick up an object, it interferes with my movement.  My guess is that somehow physics of the hand is interupting my movement.  If I close my fist in from of me, I can't move forward.  If I put my fist to the right, I can't move right, etc. I started with the mobile VR content.  (The one with the ability to teleport and pick-up cubes).  


This is my BP for thumb stick movement.  The 2 sets are for variables I use somewhere else, and they work flawlessy.




This is code from the template. I;ve disabled telaporting:



Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated!  I've worked around it for as long as possible, hoping a solution might present itself.  No luck so far.