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UE-5.1 Multiplayer

Level 2

First and foremost, I'm both new to the world of multiplayer development (i do understand replication and things of that nature though) as well as VR development.
So far I have a working single player room with interactables that the player can play around with and now I'm wanting to add multiplayer. So basically Im just needing a way to connect players that have a build of this game together. I'd like it to be Oculus/Steam compatible but one or the other works for me.Which is where the problem comes up. I've been digging for days now across the internet trying to figure something out. Everything points to various different plugins that when I try to install them they say they dont work with anything 5.0 and higher...... So, Hoping to find a helping hand to help get me started. Teach a man to fish and all...

Thanks ahead of time for any help.


Level 2

From what i read steam dosnt work, but still looking for more information myself.
You will need to look at the Online Subsystem plugin for oculus, also there is a good sample in the platform sdk for oculus that may help, but it wont compile in 5.1 easily you need to build it up from 4.27.