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UE4 Development Questions,crash

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Problem Description:
The UE4 project uses the Terrain Landscape element, and the project is packaged into Quest 2 for testing. After running for a while, it often crashes (we have tested it ourselves, and there is no such problem when the terrain element is excluded. This problem occurs when the terrain is added).
Question added:
After our test: the following optimization settings are enabled for the project. If there is terrain in the scene, it will be packaged to Quest 2 for testing, and it will crash immediately after opening and running (you can see the picture for 1-2 seconds). Turn off the following settings, if there is terrain in the scene, the problem described above will appear.

Above screenshot URL:

Our project must use the terrain elements in UE4. Now this problem has troubled us for a long time. I hope some friends can help me, thank you very much!

UE4 development version:  4.27.2
Packaging test machine:  Quest 2


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Same problem.Do you found a solution?