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[UE4]no voice input on Quest1/2 voip

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I get no input from mic when i start voip.

i used the sample sdk to implement voip into my project.

i enabled "Add permission to support Voice chat" in project settings, have voice enabled in DefaultEngine.ini(both [voice] and [OnlineSubsystem]). 

On the developer page all boxes for All platform features are approved in Data Use Checkup.


This is the code I used to start voip after creating and joining session.



for (auto RegisteredPlayer : RegisteredPlayers) {
	if (GEngine)
		GEngine->AddOnScreenDebugMessage(-1, 15.0f, FColor::Yellow, TEXT("33333"));
		// don't register the local player, only the remote
		if (RegisteredPlayer.Get() != *UserId.Get()) {
			UE_LOG_ONLINE(Display, TEXT("Registered a Talker: %s"), *RegisteredPlayer.Get().ToString());



 My log prints "registered a talker" with correct id.



Heroic Explorer

Did you make it work? I have the same issue. Cant implement Voip on my project

Heroic Explorer

whre did you get the sample? I am trying to implement voice on the SharedSpaces sample with no success. I managed to get 2 headsets share the same lobby correctly


I would like to know if you managed to solve the problem

Hey @dario.maciel did you make it works? My SharedSpaces works but I have no idea how to enable the voice chat in Photon, could you help me with that please?

Heroic Explorer

I managed to make it work by buying a plugin from photon on the marketplace

Setup a voice dashboard on the photon site
Use this app id on photon voice plugin
(you connect to both realtime and voice chat on photon. Voice chat is a parallel app connection)
but yeah.. i had to buy it =/
the name is: Photon Cloud, Voice and Chat - Multiplayer plugin (there is a widget on the sample project, i copied and add this widget to the viewport of my third character of the shared spaces sample)

Hey @dario.maciel Thanks for that tip, I'll check the plugin!