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UE4 pc build with oculus-link can not use hand tracking

Honored Guest

I downloaded the oculus branch of UE4 4.27.2 and run the HandPoseShowcase example. It works well in VR preview with oculus-link on Quest2.

But in Lauhch mode or in win64 build , I can not see any hand models.  

I got the error message "LogOcHandTracking: Error: Failed to get mesh or skeleton data from Oculus runtime." in the log window.

I found the problem is in file OculusHandTracking.cpp  :

ovrpResult SkelResult = FOculusHMDModule::GetPluginWrapper().GetSkeleton2(OvrSkeletonType, OvrSkeleton);
ovrpResult MeshResult = FOculusHMDModule::GetPluginWrapper().GetMesh(OvrMeshType, OvrMesh);

These two function did not return right value.

Is there anything I can do to make hand tracking working on a pc build?