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UE5.1 passthrough API and Sample running

Honored Guest

I tried to connect the blueprint following to the document, but most of the description in the document was vague. For the surface passthrough view, the mesh to be added should not be able to add the blueprint and must be the static mesh directly in the scene. In addition, I failed to use the passthrough view which underlay as the background. And I also tried the PTsample in UE5.1.1, except for the surface passthrough, none of the cases can run successfully. The PTbackground or PTmask case is just a reconstructed passthrough layer to cover the whole view. I wonder if there are details to put virtual object above passthrough layer in quest development.
Moreover, through some casting or ABD, I was able to project the passthrough view in the HMD to PC for screenshot recording. However, when I was playing passthrough in UE editor, the whole recording of the running scene was black and I could not record the passthrough view. I wonder if there is some way to record this passthrough view?