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Unreal 4.27 Arm64 crash on start for Quest 2

Level 2

Trying to finish off a game for app lab.
The shipping-for-distribution build crashes on start up for the arm64 build.
The arm7 build loads fine.

"Cause: execute-only (no-read) memory access error; likely due to data in .text."
From what I can tell, this error occurs from increased Android 10 security requirements (?) Been banging on this for close to a week (my head hurts).

Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Tombstone error reads as follows:

signal 11 (SIGSEGV), code 2 (SEGV_ACCERR), fault addr 0x7865b13c58
Cause: execute-only (no-read) memory access error; likely due to data in .text.
x0 0000000000000000 x1 0000000000001000 x2 0000000000000001 x3 0000000000000000
x4 0000007fe1ed26c0 x5 00000078682e0050 x6 000000000000001d x7 0000000000000000
x8 00000000000000e3 x9 c03f8d87bd8252a7 x10 000000786763f52c x11 000000000000001b
x12 000000000000ffc0 x13 0000000000000001 x14 00000078675e5230 x15 0000000000000398
x16 00000077789226a0 x17 0000007867687100 x18 0000000000000000 x19 0000007fe1ed2620
x20 0000007865b13c58 x21 0000000000000000 x22 0000007fe1ef4300 x23 0000007865b13c54
x24 0000000000000004 x25 00000078684a3018 x26 000000786982e000 x27 0000000000000001
x28 000000786982e8f8 x29 0000007fe1ed2610
sp 0000007fe1ed25f0 lr 0000007777d4fb64 pc 0000007777d4fb90

#00 pc 0000000009fbeb90 /data/app/com.HappyBeatnik.MiniGolfHustler-_5HUf2RcWHmXMOf_ITEeLw==/lib/arm64/! (offset 0x59ef000) (BuildId: bb19f7126351fcc777e12a89de83ce7c1801d1a3)
#01 pc 0000000009fc9b04 /data/app/com.HappyBeatnik.MiniGolfHustler-_5HUf2RcWHmXMOf_ITEeLw==/lib/arm64/! (offset 0x59ef000) (_ULaarch64_is_signal_frame+92) (BuildId: bb19f7126351fcc777e12a89de83ce7c1801d1a3)
#02 pc 0000000009fc7b00 /data/app/com.HappyBeatnik.MiniGolfHustler-_5HUf2RcWHmXMOf_ITEeLw==/lib/arm64/! (offset 0x59ef000) (_ULaarch64_step+44) (BuildId: bb19f7126351fcc777e12a89de83ce7c1801d1a3)
#03 pc 0000000009fbe208 /data/app/com.HappyBeatnik.MiniGolfHustler-_5HUf2RcWHmXMOf_ITEeLw==/lib/arm64/! (offset 0x59ef000) (backtrace+340) (BuildId: bb19f7126351fcc777e12a89de83ce7c1801d1a3)


Level 2

Fixed by updating to latest version of Oculus platform SDK 46.0.
(Copied over existing libs and include .h files)

Loads and in-app purchase data is working properly now.