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Unreal 5.3.2 Meta XR plugin refuses to launch VR Preview when using Oculus OVRPlugin API

Honored Guest

If I switch to Epic Native OpenXR API it works correctly, but throws errors when compiling my other plugins. I should be able to simply enter VR Preview with Oculus OVRPlugin API. This is a recent issue. Any help is appreciated


Expert Protege

You must disable the OpenXR plugin, and use only the MetaXR plugin. It's a noted known bug on the download page. I assume they are working toward a fix.

Honored Guest

We are seeing the same issue on a project that worked a month ago and the OpenXR plugin is off. I noticed that the oculus software on our windows computer updated to v62 while the firmware on our quest is still on v60 and won't update. It also seems other people are starting to report a similar issue, see: and it seems this problem is related to the v62 update.

Honored Guest

I experience the same issue, having to disable the OpenXR Plugin when using the MetaXR Plugin. This applies to working with the Standalone Version in the editor, as well as Shipping and Debug Packaged Versions.
Is there a way to keep up to date with possible plugin updates regarding this issue?