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Unreal Avatars

Heroic Explorer

Hi. Are avatars inside Unreal available? They said this feature would release this year but no annoucement yet. Did I miss something or there isnt anything? Any idea when will come?



Expert Protege

Unreal avatars , are not available for unreal, and its seams it will not be for a long time, because Epic is not interested, and Meta don't care, 🙄

Is this reliable that we can no longer expect Avatars to come to Unreal?  

I for one have been planning on using them for a long time, and would be very disappointed to learn that that is no longer the case.  If they aren't going to do it, they need to come out and say that so that someone else can do the work and sell the solution in the Epic Marketplace.  


Why do you day this man @Aymito2? " because Epic is not interested, and Meta don't care" Any reliable source for that? 



Hey @dario.maciel thanks a lot for the Photon audio solution, did you find the solution for the avatars? hahaha
Will be great to be in touch, seems we are looking for the same, if you want, try to find my inside the metaverse, same name than here. 

No need for sources, as you can see Meta or Epic did not release any avatars for UE5 since it release more than a year ago, and I didn't read any where that they are planing to, they didn't show any interest for it anywhere that I know, you can simply contact them for more info, and if there is and update regarding the situation, I will be happy to know about it.😎