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Unreal Engine. ENTITLEMENT CHECK Keeps failing


Hi, I am working on a Mixed Reality, shared spaces/anchors project using Unreal Engine 5.3 but the Entitlement check gives me always error.   I have the company registered and approved, and the new project created in the Dashboard, all the checks passed, I created some test users inside and I am testing for now with a QUest3 that uses the Admin's account for the Dashboard. I have the Oculus AppId for the API connection and it is inside the DefalutEngine.ini file of the project, but my project keeps giving me an ENTITLEMENT ERROR in the Quest3 (using the Administrator account of the project in the HMD) .. is there any other step involved to pass the entitlement? As far as I know there is no need to publish the app (not even alpha) to test it. Thank you !!!