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Unreal multiplayer is using port 0?

Level 4
I'm trying to set up multiplayer in an Oculus Unreal project, just using LAN for now.  It finds the session and the JoinSession node succeeds, but it doesn't proceed to the level.  The logs say it uses port 0, which seems wrong.  Even though I have DefaultPlatformService=Null, I do have OnlineSubsystemOculus enabled.  Is there something about that which would set the port to 0?

I tried looking at the Oculus PlatformSDK Unreal sample, but I don't know how it works.  Do I need two different user IDs to test that?

I think the local user number is fine to be 0, since they will both be local clients when loading into the entryMap. That simulates the start screen of their device. They would need unique controllers when in the lobby, which is the OSS Session map. It seems that the project is already setup like that.

I, too, am having trouble figuring out how to use multiple users to test in Unreal PIE. Both clients have the same Oculus identity.

Level 5

Oculus is silent on Unreal not working with OSS at all right now I've been at it for weeks can't get two headets to join each other despite them seeing each others unique ID's and player count set but for some reason the join session is broken as it does not see the correct map hosted