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Updated from 4.27 to 4.27.2 unable to build APK or launch directlyt o Quest2 the same project

Hej just like title sugests  both APK packadge and launch or projket launcher is giving me this error 


PackagingResults: Error: C:\Unreal_Projeckts_2\VR_2\VR_2.uproject does not look like uproject file but no targets have been found!

Android Studio 4 / SDK 29 / NDK 23 / Jdk1.8.0_301 just to be clear

Any Sugestions please help


Level 7

Can you post the contents of VR_2.uproject?


That error is thrown in Engine\Source\Programs\AutomationTool\AutomationUtils\ProjectParams.cs line 2285. If you are building the engine from source, set a breakpoint there to see what's happening.

hello thank you for the replay , project dosen't really matter im getting the same error even on the UE vr template
project , the only way i can pack or launch new projects right now is to  migrate things to complelty blank  scene 
amd set Oculus VR plugin insted off Open XR and it works , but it shouldnt be that way


Brand new VR template and the same issiue XDeror.jpg


Did you find a fix? I'm having the same issue as well.

yes instaling Virtual Studio Fix the issue