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Uploading obb expansion files

Honored Guest

When packaging games in UE4 (official release or Oculus version) and the game size is over 4gb, an additional expansion obb file is created called 'patch.[StoreVersion].[AppName].obb'. This corresponds with the official Android guidelines (

Sadly, we can't upload such files through the Oculus platform tools as it refuses the store version in the name. What is the intended way of handling this? Creating another activity just loading the file would work but would require some engine changes as well as changes in packaging workflow which are not needed or preferred for other standalone platforms.




Hi There, I have the same issue, I haved two obb files ( one is the patch) and I am getting the same error regarding store version in the name... what did you do to resolve this.


Honored Guest

Hi @typeeh 
We have a custom version of unreal engine so we ended up fixing it directly in the engine source

ok thanks for the reply, what was the fix..did you change the building process or stop it from naming the patch files with a version in it..

I just finally figured it out (without modifing the engine)- the patch files need to be moved after the ue4 build is done  into another folder and the CLI need to point to that  --assets-dir c:\[yourgame[\Android_ASTC\patch  so the other OBB (main) is not being pickedup -  the \expansion-files.config.json needs to point to the patch by name.   Also you have to manually tell the build that the patch is not optional in the build settings... what a pain.

Hey, that's the first time I'm trying to generate obb files, I can't even understand how to generate this thing. Should I uncheck "package into apk" ? 
My app is almost 2Gb and I couldn't find decent information about how to split the file in order to be able to upload it.