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Using MetaXR plugin in project with Linux Dedicated Servers

Expert Protege

I receive these errors when building for Linux or Linux Dedicated server. Has anyone found any success? I am trying to prevent using any features with conditional check of whether the Platform is Linux.


Linux Dedicated Servers are good to support because they can greatly lower the costs of game server usage in the cloud opposed to using Windows instances







I do have a switch for local player and remote player animation states. I successfully replicate but its very laggy, I must optimize it. But nonetheless, I am just trying to get the Dedicated Server to not crash first. It seems if the  RetargetAsset from the Meta plugin isn't defined in the LiveLink Pose node in the AnimGraph, tracking stops working, and if it's on, Linux can't read it and causes exception errors. It seems if even if its blocked by a condition, it still causes a failure. Trying to figure a second way, maybe to somehow update the RetargetAsset in runtime or some other trick