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VRNotifications Component - Fail to get event VRController Recentered on Quest 2 at new version v62.

Honored Guest

Recently, Meta has released a new version 62. for Quest 2 and this new version affected me.

I have some code in UE5.1 that use event VRController Recentered in component VRNotifications. This event will be broadcast when I the headset does Auto Recentered  (when put on head or wake up or after losing tracking) so i can do something to get old location for users before they take off headset.

This event works very fine on Quest 2 at v60. but  fail at v62. Sometimes it's activated, sometimes it's not (not activated much more than activated).

Can anyone help me? Any setting on Quest or some code on UE to get event VRController Recentered fine?




Honored Guest

Me too. Meta always has updates that made everyone terrible.