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Virtual Reality Checklist - VRC.PC.Security.2

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Am I right in thinking that this:

The app must not contain extraneous files such as marketing assets, copies of the Oculus SDK, or libraries for other VR APIs and distribution platforms.

Means that we need to remove any trace of SteamVR from our projects for it to be allowed on the Oculus Store?

I've tried removing the SteamVR plugin by unticking it, but I'm getting error messages when the new project starts up:

Failed to load /Script/SteamVR.SteamVRChaperoneComponent Referenced by SCS_Node_11
Failed to load /Script/SteamVR.SteamVRChaperoneComponent Referenced by K2Node_VariableGet_160
Failed to load /Script/SteamVR.SteamVRChaperoneComponent Referenced by K2Node_CallFunction_1038

And compiler errors when checking out the VR Preview.

So have I got things wrong and there's no need for me to remove all traces of SteamVR from my project? And if I'm right and I DO need to get rid of this stuff, how do I go about doing it?

Many thanks in advance for any help! 😄


look in your player character and remove the steamVR nodes.