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What Unreal version and What procedure to install it

In the official Meta and Unreal Engine channels I found some contradictions even on the preliminary development steps, such as which version of Unreal Engine should be used, with particular reference to the creation of apps for Quest 3 with parrthrought and anchor points. The choice of the right version/build of Unreal is a fundamental aspect and unfortunately from here one can already understand that there is perhaps too much confusion and that now obsolete articles are not deleted from the official channels, making it difficult to understand if the choices we make as developers will later turn out to be incorrect or ineffective. Coming to the point: 1) here it is suggested that we should always use the Meta fork published in the github channels. At the time of writing it is a fork called oculus 5.3. . It's a build to compile and the instructions on github at the link are imprecise and there are several omissions. I don't understand if in this version I should also install the plugins suggested in the official Unreal Engine links, such as MetaXR and MetaXRPlatform. On github they only talk about OVRPlugin, which is not clear whether it also contains the plugins I mentioned. Another inaccuracy concerns the time required to compile this fork of unreal using Visual Studio. With my PC, certainly not slow, it took 12 hours. The instructions on Github talk about a time between 10 and 40 minutes. Another misleading element on Github: a generic reference is made to the fact that there is other documentation on the official Unreal website. But the documentation on that site describes completely different procedures. For example, in addition to the fact that it requires the installation of the official versions of Unreal Engine and refers to plugins that are not mentioned on GIthub, it requires that the Android Studio version be downloaded and installed before compiling or installing Unreal Engine. 2) if instead I want to trust exclusively the approach followed on the official Unreal Engine channels, I refer to this guide: Here there’s not talking about the Unreal fork developed by Oculus-VR at all. As I already wrote before, the plugins are different from those present in the fork on GitHub. I ask for help in understanding what the correct procedure is. For now I have followed both guides. The one on Github is very incomplete and if I want to implement the plugins on the Unreal site, I necessarily have to compile them.