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When is MetaXR OpenGL ES 3.2 Support Slated to occur? If ever?

Level 2

Looking at the docs it seems like OpenGL ES3.1 is reported to be supported. But UE5 and 5.1 use ES 3.2. 

Having just tested MetaXR plugin with UE5.0 and enabling ES3.1 I found a brief but very vital warning stating "LogHMD: Warning: OpenGL is not currently supported by OculusXRHMD plugin". 

UE5 and 5.1 out of the box with OpenXR I don't belief share that information and simply crash when enabling ES 3.2. 

So essentially, is the aim to depreciate OpenGL ES 3.2 support? Will it continue to be supported until Vulkan reaches feature parity at least? Any news regarding this would be very helpful for VR Video Playback in Unreal and probably in general.