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Why my quest2 can't use the HMD in the ue5 VRPreview?

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Whether in VRPreview mode or MetaXRSimulator mode, you can see that my controller can be tracked.

But my headset cannot be tracked.No matter how I rotate my head.


The blueprint [Is head mounted display enabled] allways return false.


Meanwhile, in this demo, when I switch to third person view by pressing Tab, I will see a warning: spectator Camera Debug Mode Enabled: No HMD!


My environment is: Quest2 v62  +  ue5.3.2  + MetaXR v62 + Oculus PC

Not have StreamVR plugin;

I have tried WiFi, USB, air link, and quest link.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @kiddkyd.2023! we would love to help you with the VR preview mode. We would like to refer you to our developer team for developer mode features or tools. Your best resource would be to reach out to the folks over at Developer Support directly for some assistance:


To contact Developer Support:

  • Go to the Developer Support Center and click on the "Sign In" link in the upper right corner.
  • Sign into your Developer Account.
  • Then use the Contact Us form to create a Support request.
  • Once created you can monitor your support request here.


We hope this helps!