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Passthrough with Unreal Engine 5.1.1. underlay

Hello I try to setup a simple AR project that runs on PC with Oculus Link on a Quest Pro with a passthrough background and 3D objects over it. I have followed the official documentation https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unreal/unreal-passthr...

hugoar by Protege
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We tried rolling onto the UE branch 5.2.1, and on a fresh engine setup and install, when we use the latest UE5 Platform SDK, our APK crashes before running. Has anyone had success with setting up their leaderboards? We're building for Quest 2. https:...

Error on Live Link | Face, Body, Eye Tracking

Hello, hope all is well.I am trying to get Live Link working on the Meta Quest Pro in Unreal 5.2, and have tried in 5.1 as well. I keep running into these errors in the Live Link window after connecting Meta MovementSDK Live Link.Live Link Errors: Tr...

Oculus Debugger (with Unreal) setup help

Hello, does anyone know hot to get the Debugger working with unreal projects? I am following this guide:https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/tools/tools-oculus-debugger/ And I can't seem to figure out what they mean by UE4/Projects directory "2...

zenf137 by Explorer
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Resolved! ASW doesn't work even when enabled

I'm on the latest oculus branch of ue427, have enabled ASW in the rendering settings and I'm using Oculus Developer Hub to see ASW frames and they come out to 0. I've also enabled experimental features (which is in the wrong place in the plugin becau...

reinaldovieira_1-1661874959650.png reinaldovieira_0-1661874940525.png

UE5 VR Learning Resources/Classes?

Hi all!I'm attempting to learn VR for UE5. Compared to Unity, I'm having a hard time finding resources to learn from.What did you do to learn VR for UE5? Could you please share any valuable resources/classes? Thanks in advance!-Chase

Background Audio Playback

The 47.0 Release Notes (Meta Quest release notes | Meta Store) mentioned a new experimental feature they called "Background Audio Playback". I've been looking forward to a feature like this and I am very excited to see it being worked on.I'm posting ...


Hi, Is there anybody who succeeded using AR with Unreal Engine 5 ? As far as I see from the Unreal forums as well as from youtube, there is pretty much nothing on it. For example, look at this thread on Unreal Forums (from fall 2022): OculusXR Passth...

Ending development for UE4 is a huge mistake.

The branch of UE4 is being abandoned with a series of bugs that were never fixed, bugs that break the proper functioning of the engine. UE5 is clearly aimed at new generation consoles, the performance loss on mobile devices is huge, mainly due to the...

JampDev by Honored Guest
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