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Getting VR Mode to Work with Oculus Quest

Hey guys.. I'm trying to to get my Oculus Touch controllers to properly work in VR mode. I am able to engage VR mode (shift+v or the VR Mode button on the toolbar). The controllers show as Vive controllers, and only the left radial menu works, and no...

Unreal Engine 4 : Screen Space Widgets

Hello,I'm trying to render text to be readable in a large world-scale VR environment, just like in Google Earth VR. The best solution I have found was to use Stereo Layer integration of Compositor Layers in Unreal Engine.The thing is, there is a maxi...

Connect Wwise to Quest 2 game?

Hi, We've got a UE4.26 game up and running on the Quest 2 with Wwise 2021.1. All the audio is working fine but we can't seem to get Wwise to connect to the game running on the Q2. It can connect just fine when running inside the editor on PC. Has any...

sackbut by Level 2
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Delay on the grip buttons when using Link cable?

I'm developing a PC game with the Unreal Engine and have hit on a annoying issue when testing on the Oculus Quest with a link cable.I have 2 inputs set up on the grip buttons, one as an axis to update my clench fist animation and one set to a button ...

Gnimmel by Level 3
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Deploying Quest 2 Native So Much Easier Now

OMG - Deploying native quest so much easier on latest Oculus Build 4.26.2.... Just finished building new PC and was dreading setting up the the build environment. So... much.... easier .... now. 1) Download and compile engine from Oculus github.2) Cr...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Using OculusHandComponent with C++

Hey everybody, I am developing an app for chemistry students. I am creating the UOculusHandComponont within the BeginPlay() method. Everytime I start the game it chrashes. But this only happens while I am using HandTracking. So I guess, that I am not...

jjendrn by Level 2
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Portal Rendering example rendering issues

I appear to be having an issue with the Oculus Samples Rendering Techniques project Unreal project that you guys put on github https://github.com/Oculus-VR/UnrealEngine. Within it the image resolution on the high performance impact portals decreases ...

Unreal 4.25.X changes and issues

New UE version 4.25 - some changes / issues. Lets put them in one topic for an easy overview and catching up.. 4.25.0 preview 1- Too bad, the new Epic-GPU lightmass plugin is not in this version. Target might be 4.26 (if you build the dev branch you ...

MaxArch by Level 7
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