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SharedSpaces project not compiling (unreal 5.1)

Hi Everyone, I followed this lovely guide by @ysquall to setup the shared spaces plugins in my project https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mb1YBlNyfjJ94gCY0rIi364pBIvkPko0rjiDumEcKto/editHowever when I build my project I get this error"Could not find...

walabulu4 by Honored Guest
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Passthrough Shadows Discussion

I'm currently looking into the best way to implement shadows for virtual characters. I've seen a few ways that look promising with just drop shadow cards. But what if I want true dynamic shadows? How do I get them to cast with no floor mesh since I w...

APK No Longer Loading On to Headset

I've been able to package my game many times and drag and drop the .apk into the MQDH and it was working just fine. But today it suddenly stopped working. It shows the .apk loading then says the APK Successfully Installed, but the application isn't t...

Passthrough over link not working in 5.1.1

Hey all, I've spent the last few days trying to get passthrough over link to work either via VR preview or a normal build to windows, and neither will function properly or at all. I can build the same project to native quest and it works fine, but an...

sunocxr_0-1676007539520.png sunocxr_1-1676007562925.png sunocxr_3-1676007650701.png sunocxr_4-1676007785087.png
su.nocxr by Explorer
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FIXED Oculus version of Unreal lighting error.

Hello, i downloaded the Oculus unreal engine 4.24 (https://github.com/Oculus-VR/UnrealEngine/tree/4.24) for developing with the splash screens or loading screens in Oculus quest. But i have the lighting issue i cannot build lighting with that eror:5:...

FeroxD by Protege
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Unreal 5.1 HMD Recentered Event

Hey,For the validation, the user needs to be able to change the forward direction using the oculus button.Sadly, this does not seem to work in 5.1 using OpenXR.The HMD Recentered Delegate is not thrown, when trying to reset view on oculus.Did anyone ...

MetaXR Plugin not running on quest

I'm able to use the MetaXR plugin (v47) within the VR preview of unreal 5.0.3. (Including Hand tracking). The problem is I can't run the build of the app within the headset. It would show an error "plugin openxr failed to load because openxrhmd can n...

Free locomotion issue

Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. I'm developing a game with Unreal 4.27. I'm using a custom movement component, and have a standard component setup. Pawn->origin component->HMD camera. I'm doing smooth movement off the sticks to...

Facetracking error

Heya y'all, I cannot get face tracking working on a Quest Pro using the Movement sample. In my logs it is getting an error. The permissions dialog for face tracking is coming up but it is only grabbing eye, hand, and body. I checked my manifest again...

yankijp by Honored Guest
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Anchor doesnt save

In packaged game i can create anchor but i cant save anchors that i created. The code is like below but it doesnt call binded function.i am trying to debug it but in rift mode even CreateSpatialAnchor function delegate doesnt work(which is working pa...


Scene Capture 2D no longer working in 4.27

I recently updated my project from 4.26 to 4.27 and now I cannot get any of my scene capture 2d components to capture a scene to a render target. I tried all the usual suspects including turning off/on multi-view, trying different rendering methods: ...

GameOnNC by Explorer
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