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UE5 Laser pointer direction

I'm developing a game with UE5. And with the Motion Controller component the forward vector points upward from the controller (up from the thumbstick). Is there a way to get the laser pointer direction, or a reference/guide somewhere to know which ro...

HectorDRG by Honored Guest
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My entitlement check fails

Hello, I am having very new to developing for oculus and already tripping on the first step. I just cant seem to get verify entitlement to succeed. I am using unreal engine 4.27.2.I have already1. Enabled Oculus Online Subsystem2. Added the following...

Skywin by Honored Guest
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Unreal Engine - interesting videos for devs

I thought it could be nice to have a thread with interesting videos for devs using the UnrealEngine. Please add your links with maybe a bit of background to the video.RoboRecall - Drifter converted the original desktop version of RoboRecall for Quest...

MaxArch by Heroic Explorer
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shared spaces in you own UE4 project?

Hi,I have the sharedspaces API working in our own project based on the example project but basic replication of some actors isnt working as i would have expected. We have the VRE plugin working and our pawn is replicating as exepected.We have a simpl...

typeeh by Protege
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OpenGL ES3.1 and Vulkan

In the last release from Meta (v42) i cant open apps that used the OPENGL ES3.1 option. If I disable it and enable Vulkan it works. But i need OpenGLES.Anyone having this issue?the app with opengl simply dont open, it stays on the splashscreen and th...

How-To Oculus VOIP Spatialization

Unreal's VOIP Talker has a Sound Attenuation asset property that I was able to assign to achieve spatialization, but Oculus' Remote Talker doesn't have this property. How could I achieve spatialization with oculus' remote talker?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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New UE version 5.0 - changes / issues

New UE version: 5.0. As a few times before, I think its useful to put the changes / issues in one topic for an easy overview and to reduce wasting time trying to solve (known) issues. Official changelog here https://docs.unrealengine.com/5.0/en-US/un...

MaxArch by Heroic Explorer
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OVR Lip Sync plugin for Linux?

Hello, we are using the OVR Lip Sync plugin on Windows, but we need to build our project also for Linux. However the plugin uses a native library and only Windows, Mac and Android binaries are present. Is there a chance that Linux binaries will be di...

m4tf3r by Honored Guest
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Packaging Error "class is not mapped when saving"

I periodically get a packaging error that only occurs on child blueprints. It causes an unrecoverable assertion:Assertion failed: !Export.ClassIndex.IsNull() [File:C:/OUE/Engine/Source/Runtime/CoreUObject/Private/UObject/SavePackage.cpp] [Line: 3807]...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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How to get IAP working in Unreal Engine?

I'm trying to get IAP up and running in an Unreal Engine project (4.19), and struggling to figure it out from the documentation. There's a full example for Unity (https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/platform/latest/concepts/dg-iap/) but nothin...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Bluetooth HID device paring issue

We are currently developing a Quest 2-based mix-reality game using Unreal Engine.One of the critical features of this game is to allow the customer to use a physical control unit we build explicitly to perform in-game actions, controls, and tasks in ...

schenr by Honored Guest
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Build to PCVR

I’m looking to take a basic VR app made in UE5 for Quest and build it instead as a PCVR to run via Link. Eventually we’d like to have different displays on desktop vs HMD (ie: more information would be visible on desktop). is there any documentation ...

dvdsm by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Problem attaching collision component to socket

UE: 4.26.2Quest: 40Hand-tracking only: DefaultI'm making a touchscreen interaction for interacting with widgets with your hands. I get the socket location from the socket name "index tip". Index finger collision When I play preview from unreal everyt...


Occlusion modes

Hello, We are building a game for the Quest2 and are experiencing significant frame drops at view angles which have a lot of meshes behind a wall. It seems like the dynamic occlusion is taking up a significant amount of time. Our frame times are drop...

Toku2288 by Honored Guest
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